GiveorTake Service Improvements: In-Store Cashback, More Vouchers Codes..

Dear Members has undergone a major platform upgrade. With new features, more retailers and discounts, you can now earn (or give) more by using our portal.

No Admin Fee
The £5 admin fee we used to deduct from your earnings will not be there anymore.

In-Store Cashback

You can now earn Cashback on your In-Store purchases using GiveorTake. It doesn’t cost you anything and its free to register. All you need to do is to register your credit/debit card details and pay with participating retailers using the registered card. We track the cashback and pay into your GiveorTake account.

More details and can be found on our In-Store Cashback section

More than 6000 Discounts

More Voucher Codes, New Retailers and discounts have been added. You can see them by browsing the categories and finding your favourite retailers.


It is a major upgrade and there may still be certain things which you want us to work on/amend. We would welcome your feedback, suggestions and please let us know if you spot any bugs/issues.

Please contact us through our online helpdesk with issues or feedback.

Look forward to bringing you an improved service and more discounts.

Kind Regards

GiveorTake Team

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