Why Not Stay in this Valentines Day?

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Are you panicking because you’ve not reserved a table yet?

Well don’t. If all the top restaurants in town are booked up then all’s not lost; turn your home into your own Personal Restaurant for Two with Give or Take and have a romantic evening in with your partner:

  • Dinner: Get in touch with your inner Delia or Jamie and hit the kitchen, you don’t have to be a professional to cook a fantastic meal. Click here for some great recipes that can be found on the Tesco website. Plus click through Give or Take to Tesco for those all important ingredients and receive £5 cashback if you are a new customer to them.

  • Set the Mood: Creating that perfect mood couldn’t be simpler. Order some candles and place them around the room this will create soft lighting. Don’t forget the music. As Shakespeare once said, if music be the food of love, play on. Download your favourite love songs onto your iPod, or buy your choice of CD’s that you can play for the duration of the evening. Visit HMV and get 4% cashback on all CD purchases.

  • Dress Up: Just because you’re staying in that’s no reason to put your pyjamas on. Make the extra effort to dress up for your romantic evening. Ladies get your best dresses out, guys make an effort and get suited and booted.

Your home has now become your own personal restaurant for two. You have cooked the food, set the mood and your dressed to impress all you have to do now is sit down and enjoy your fabulous dinner.

Don’t forget with companies such as Thornton’s and Bunches on Give or Take you can buy those Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates and get up to 12% cashback. Also shop at Oddbins for your favourite bottle or wine or champagne for that extra special evening and get 5% cashback. Happy Valentines!

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