Be afraid, be very afraid…


It’s that time of year again so ‘get your ghoul on’, and strut your spooky stuff this Halloween October 31st Mwhahahhahahah!

Order your fancy dress online for a better deal and cashback, and buy it early before all the fake blood and fangs are sold out! Horror films are great inspiration if you are running low on fancy dress ideas so here are a few iconic horror characters that will give the other guests nightmares!


Regan from The Exorcist is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable, and terrifying female horror characters. Spooky stories of a curse on all those who acted in the film, and the unusual number of deaths during its making gives The Exorcist that added fear factor! For your Regan outfit you will need purple, green, and corpse coloured cake makeup to create a pale and sick complection that you can apply the scar/wound transfers to. To get the same hair affect backcomb/mess up your hair, and using the fake blood take a few strands and coat them in it to get that lank unkempt look. To disguise your ‘pearly whites’ use black tooth enamel and rub it round your teeth and gums, instant tooth decay! Finally to complete the look you will need a pale blue nightdress which you can spatter with more fake blood. You can get the perfect nightdresses from M&S or eBay is always worth a look.


I am a huge fan of vintage horror, and Carrie is one of my favourite films. Carrie is the school outcast bullied and picked on but she has telekenetic powers and a religous fanatic for a mother, it’s a recipe for disaster! A Carrie outfit is very quick and easy to do, M&S and Debenhams sell plain silk slips you can pick up for under £10, and New Look have a whole range of flowers on hairbands/clips for a few quid that you can use as your corsage. If you don’t have long blonde/mousey hair then invest in a long blonde wig. Once you are all dressed and ready to go ask a passing zombie to liberally drench you in fake blood, voila!


An American Werewolf In London is perhaps the perfect horror movie, it has humour, suspence, great special affects (for the time), and a little bit of saucy action too! You may think a werewolf is beyond your fancy dress skills, but I’m about to prove you wrong! Firstly to get that ‘mad dog look’ backcomb and hairspray your hair into a wild mop, then apply the werewolf hair mask to your face. Use brown face paint to fill in the parts of your face and neck that are showing through to complete stage 1. Next you will need to find an old top and trousers that you don’t mind cutting up, take the scissors to them making the sleeve and ankle ends ragged like they have been torn, and as with all halloween outfits liberally splatter them with fake blood. Finally before you leave pop in your werewolf fangs, and put on a pair of hairy hand werewolf gloves. Hoooooooooooooowwwwwl!

Best of all you can get up to 11% cashback on fancy dress


5 Responses to “Be afraid, be very afraid…”

  1. Oh my god – Regan is so scary! Great idea for fancy dress though, that would would scare all of those trick or treaters off! Mwahahahaha!

  2. Great original ideas, love them all. And cash back of course! Fangtastic!

  3. Defo like the werewolf stuff but thinking about going as a robot too :p

  4. what a good idea to give ideas for a fancy dress and where to get them to people like me who havent got a creative sinew!

  5. What? No Dracula?! The granddaddy of horror? I suppose I could just get the werewolf fangs and get a nice black velvet cloak off the peg at Burtons

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