Do your bit for Red Nose Day on Friday 13th March

If you don’t fancy sitting in a bath of beans or waxing off all your body hair to raise money for Comic Relief then we have some alternative fund raising options for you…

Buy Jamie Oliver’s “Red Nose Day Recipes” book from Waterstones for just £2.89 UK delivery is free.
£2.50 from the sale of each book goes to Comic relief and you will earn 5% cashback.

If you want some wine to go with what you are cooking up then buy the Red Nose Day Plonk from M&S.
A case of 12 bottles is £59.88 with £12 from every sale going to Comic Relief and 5% cashback goes straight into your Give or take account!

Come on do something funny for money!


3 Responses to “Do your bit for Red Nose Day on Friday 13th March”

  1. The wine deal sounds brilliant. Can you find out which wines are included?

  2. Great idea thanks!

  3. Dear Ellie,
    If you click through to M&S and type “red nose” into their search the wines on offer will appear
    Give or Take

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