I’m in the mood for love, simply because you’re near me…

With Valentines Day only 3 weeks away here are some top gift ideas. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show how much you care, it’s the little details that count. Hand writing your card, and wrapping presents yourself is one way, and another is to go that extra mile to look for a […]

Beat the credit crunch, and boost the economy with some retail therapy for your ‘January Blues’

The country’s economy is in crisis, the credit crunch is biting, living costs are escalating, spending is decreasing and everybody is broke….Rubbish! There’s a flip side to every coin. Cost of travel may be high but due to people leaving their gas guzzlers at home and walking congestion has dropped, and so have a few […]

Give or Take Top Tip

No 1 – SEARCHING FOR THE BEST CASHBACK AVAILABLE When navigating Give or Take you will see that some retailers have cashback displayed as ‘up to 6%’ This prefix ‘up to’ is an indicator that the retailer offers a range of cashback rates for a range of products. Click on the conditions button and the […]

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