Classic horror for Halloween! Mwahahaha…

Spend this Halloween freaking yourself out and making yourself laugh with some wonderful classic horror movies. Take yourself back to a time before C.G.I. when dry ice was king, and spooky costumes consisted of fake wooden limbs and lashings of grease paint. 1960’s Frankenstein may have only been a tall man in a wig, who was painted green but he still has the power to scare your socks off!

Nothing says scary to me like spiders! They look like creatures from outer space, they’re hairy, scuttle sideways, and spin webs. What’s not to be scared of?… So just imagine what would happen if they became gigantic! Arrrrgh!

‘Tarantula’ (great title) is a 1955 classic. When Dr Reemer’s special super-size serum somehow finds its way by accident onto a tarantula all hell breaks loose! As cattle and humans start disappearing at an alarming rate it’s up to local doctor Matt Hastings, and his curvaceous assistant to save the day. Expect girlish shrieking, fake hairy spider leg close ups, but essentially everything turns out ok. £4.99 free delivery from and up to 6% cashback.

Another winning formula for horror is to set your film in an American high school, throw in a little crazy religion, some demonic possession, and bucket fulls of fake blood, and you’ve got the blockbuster ‘Carrie’. I’m ashamed to say I have only recently watched Carrie myself, and it made me wonder why I didn’t spend my childhood stuck indoors watching endless videos of American teen horror because it is brilliant! Just like all moves of this genre the eerie suspense keeps you on edge for the whole movie. The juxtaposition of the seemingly normal school with the supernatural powers of Carrie, and the ravings of her demented mother is a nice touch. I dare you to watch it, and not get just a little bit spooked, especially at the end when she….nope I’m not going to spoil it! Carrie £4.99 free delivery from and up to 6% cashback.

It wouldn’t be Halloween without vampires! ‘Nosferatu’ a.k.a. Phantom of the Night is a Klaus Kinski classic. Deep-sunken eyed and pale faced Nosferatu lives in a large gloomy castle which appears out of the the mist. Like a lamb to the slaughter real estate agent Jonathan Haker travels to Nosferatu’s castle to tie up a property deal, despite the warnings of his wife who has been having terrible haunting premonitions! I think you can probably guess what happens next …. biting …screaming …fangs …coffins …all the classic vampire cliches.
You might say this film is fang-tastic! £2.99 from free delivery, and up to 6% cashback

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  1. We need more modern movies

  2. I can’t beleive how cheap these DVDs are at I’ll be getting my quoter for Xmas but not sure I’m a horror lover…. and you get free delivery!

  3. Just had a look on play’s site – they’re also doing a box-set of George A Romero’s “Dead” trilogy for £12.99! A total steal – and essential viewing for anyone who wants to be prepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse! (any day, now – you have been warned!)

  4. Fangs for the reminder!

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