Amazon update

We thought we were having technical difficulties with Amazon but unfortunately it’s terminal! Amazon have decided that they no longer want to work with ‘rebate sites’, this means any site that offers cashback, points, vouchers, or any kind of kick back to individual members when they make a sale. We were given little to no […]

Ghosts, Ghouls, Witches, and Werewolves…

Make sure you have locked all the doors, turned out all the lights, and have a fresh supply of garlic handy on Friday 31st October because it’s… Traditionally Halloween (or All Hallows’ Even as it was originally known) was believed to be the one day of the year when the boundary between the living and […]

Classic horror for Halloween! Mwahahaha…

Spend this Halloween freaking yourself out and making yourself laugh with some wonderful classic horror movies. Take yourself back to a time before C.G.I. when dry ice was king, and spooky costumes consisted of fake wooden limbs and lashings of grease paint. 1960’s Frankenstein may have only been a tall man in a wig, who […]

Temporary removal of Amazon

Apologies for the temporary removal of Amazon from the site, we are having a few technical issues which we are trying to resolve. Fingers crossed they will be sorted out soon, and Amazon will be back on site. We will keep you posted on our progress, and If all else fails we can always try […]

Animal madness at Pet Supermarket!

Buying your pet supplies online is a sure-fire way to get great value for money, and buying them via Give or Take makes for double the discount as you pocket the cashback on your shopping too! Pet Supermarket launched its new website in 2008, and has been rapidly expanding its range of stock, and great […]

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