Now you can get your cashback even quicker!

Now you can get your cashback even quicker than before by having it paid straight into your bank account.

We are speeding up the payment process by phasing out payment by cheques. Payment direct into your bank account is faster and safer than posting a cheque. If you are concerned about submitting your bank details, don’t be. Give or Take is a secure, and safe site that does not sell on any member information to third parties.

You can change your payment method by logging into the ‘my account’ section, and going to the 3rd button down. For more information on this please see our new and improved FAQ section which should be able to answer all your questions.

3 Responses to “Now you can get your cashback even quicker!”

  1. Bank details added! Direct debit ahoy baby yeah!

  2. Woo, no more staring at a cheque, trying to figure a time that I can go to the bank

  3. Just wanted to say I’m going to be buying all my music online through Borders from now on; 8% cashback beats the rest. Their delivery times aren’t quite as fast as the rest, but if you can afford to wait, then it’s worth it for the extra £££.

    Sorry, couldn’t find anywhere else on the blog to post this…

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