Daddy, daddy cool. Daddy, daddy cool!

We have Boney M to thank for the musical masterpiece that is ‘Daddy Cool’. If you have a ‘Daddy Cool’ and you want to let him know how much you appreciate all he’s done then get him a great gift this Father’s Day.
Father’s Day is Sunday June 15th this year
, so with only 11 shopping days left to get him something special or just plain silly we’ve giving you some handy hints…

If your Daddyo has a sweet tooth then this ‘sweet memories hamper’ will be right up his street! Crammed with retro sweets from the good ol’ days buy him a tuck box of his very own.
The medium hamper is 1.9kg of sweets for £19.95 with 12% cashback available from BoysStuff.

Buy your Dad some giggles for the golf course with these ‘Crazy Golf Balls’. This set of 4 trick golf balls are the ideal antidote to golfing partners who take things a little too seriously! Aptly named The Exploder, The Phantom, The Unputtable, and The Jetstreamer they wobble, disappear, explode, and eject streamers when hit!
Available from I Want One Of Those for £7.99 with 13% cashback.

If your dad likes the occasional tipple then get him this nifty key ring bottle opener. Shaped like a key, but with the bottle popping power of a regular bottle opener. It’s a cool little gizmo that will make your dad smile, Cheers!
£6.95 from Prezzybox with 10% cashback.

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