Throw out your little black dress, get colourful this Christmas!


I love my L.B.D. because black is slimming, black is safe, black is BORING!

Kick off the festive season with a brand new party dress, ditch the black and embrace the big bold prints, and block colour that is bombarding the high street this cool yule!

Check out these little finds above from left to right…….

‘Selina dress’ from MOTEL ROCKS £29 with 20% cashback (until 30th Dec)

‘Grey sequined tunic dress’ from PROMOD £35 with 10% cashback

’50’s vintage tattoo dress’ from CX LONDON BOUTIQUE £50 with 8% cashback

‘Printed trapeze dress’ from LITTLEWOODS £65 with 6% cashback

‘Manoush silk dress’ from LA REDOUTE £89 with 6% cashback, and currently 10% off the 1st item in your basket with code ‘8445’

Feeling festive yet?………..

5 Responses to “Throw out your little black dress, get colourful this Christmas!”

  1. * * * * * * * MotEl ROckS iS bRiLliaNT * * * * * * *

    It’s Kate Nash-meets-Indie Rock-meets-ASOS-meets-Fern Cotton-meets-Urban Outfitters-esque! and I don’t have to go OVER the over draft to get some saucy new threads!!

    Loves it!!!!…x x x

  2. Black is NOT boring!!! Black is the new Black!xxx

  3. I’d never heard of Promod before but found one of their shops in Paris a few weeks ago – they’ve got some really nice stuff, a bit like Zara and H&Ms but with a French touch. Great that you’ve got them on Giveortake as there are loads of thing s I want to buy there.

  4. I just ordered the ace of hearts shirt from motel rocks…


    La Redoute is offering 25% off everything until 7th Dec with discount code 0977

    So you can grab that party dress for less!

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