Two great gadgets from The Gadget Shop

iPod Clock

The iPod Clock

Both a clock and a dock, connect it up to your iPod and it will wake you up with one of your favourite tunes as well as recharging your iPod overnight. £39.95 with £3.95 cashback.

Wunderbar Thermo Beer Dispenser

The Wunderbar Thermo Beer Dispenser

Ingenious thermo-cooling technology chills a standard 5 litre keg down to a refreshing 5 degrees C, giving you super cool pints on tap. Just £149.99. Buy through GiveorTake and pick up £15 cashback.

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5 Responses to “Two great gadgets from The Gadget Shop”

  1. I’ve got that clock! it’s well good!!!

    iLove my iPod clock! x x x x

  2. iPod clock???

    What will they think of next, the iBrator?

  3. the ipod clock looks a bit daft but the wunderbar is amazing. ice machines and keg dispensers arent cheap this is one of the best ive seen.

  4. Actually I just looked on the site at the clock for ipod and found they do a version in bright pink which is ideal for me as I have twins so my daughter can have a pink one which she will love and they won’t fight over which one belongs to who.

  5. I’ve finally sucummbed to buying an Ipod! Its amazing the amount of stuff you can get to “pimp them out”.
    Love the retro clock and all the other iPod stuff at Gadget Shop / Firebox / etc.

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