*Exclusive DOROTHY PERKINS offer only at Give or Take*

Dotty P’s are offering a juicy 15% discount, and free standard delivery on all orders over £50 when you shop via Give or Take. Just enter this exclusive discount code ‘DPTDGT2’ when you get to the checkout to claim your money off. Any excuse to go shopping!….

3 Responses to “*Exclusive DOROTHY PERKINS offer only at Give or Take*”

  1. I assume that I get my cashback on top of this £15% as well? If thats the case then this is a pretty damn good deal!

  2. sorry…I meant 15%. 🙂

  3. That’s right Simone it is a great deal…..

    This is how it works….

    Dorothy Perkins offer 15% off when you spend over £50
    So I spent £100 on a little black number for the Christmas bash
    I got 15% off so it only cost me £85, and on top of that I bought it via Give or Take so I got 5% cashback too…

    5% of £85 is £4.25! so in effect I got another £4.25 cashback off my £85 dress, now making it £80.75!

    Now that’s savvy shopping, I bought a bargain dress, but I still look a million dollars!

    Hurry though offer ends 25th Nov!…

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