Apple iPhone out this Friday on O2!


Quick hurry if you want a bite of this tasty Apple!

Exclusive to O2 the Apple iPhone 8GB available to buy for £269 with a minimum 18 month contract.
£35 cashback on every valid contract taken out.

Tariffs range between £35-£55 per month, and offer from 200-1200 inclusive minutes and 200-500 inclusive texts. Even if you are not a huge phone buff you have to appreciate the aesthetic design, and range of features packed into this state of the art mobile!

7 Responses to “Apple iPhone out this Friday on O2!”

  1. Really been looking forward to this but why do the have the wierd 6.02pm thing??

    I guess its some fancy marketing trick!

  2. I love the look of this phone.

    It’s a shame that it is on O2 and so expensive.

  3. Must admit I am tempted to get this phone. Think I would be the cool girl on the block 🙂 But can I really justify £899 for an 18 month contract?? Help me – tell me what to do people?? Is it really worth it??

  4. this is a charmed object… i can’t NOT get one…

    GoT i love thee x x x


    Seriosuly, it’s amazing!!! Don;t know why people are knocking this, they clearly havent used one before.

    I’m on the ‘cheapest’ tariff (£35, 18 months), no problems with signal so far. Used the net on it a couple of times, still getting used to the touchpad typing and texting.

    Much better than any so called ‘internet phone’ out there. I implore you all, get one now!!!x

  6. Is it just o2 that do the iPhone on giveortake? is this the best deal?

  7. Hello Paintingbynumbers,

    You can also buy an iPhone from The Carphone Warehouse on Give or Take, and I’m sure more resellers will offer them soon.

    O2 however is the only network that you can get the iPhone on.
    Make sure you read conditions carefully too!

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