A Celebrity Style Secret EXPOSED!!

Ok girlies do you need help to fit in to your sparkly Christmas dresses? I did!! Yes I am that organised and I have purchased a divine party frock which hugged in all the wrong places until I purchased the ‘The High Waister by Spanx’ which costs a lot less money and pain than surgery!

Remember with pants like these the fabric has to be high quality, seamless and come right under the bust and just above your knee to avoid the bulge and that is exactly what they do all for £25.99 at Figleaves.com.

Honestly these pants are a must have for any girl’s wardrobe. Underwear is the foundation for any outafit. Get this right and the dress of your dreams will glide over your curvaceous body without a lump or bump in sight! Get buying now before they sell out.

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  1. Does anyone know how this compares to the Slim ‘n Lift one that’s advertised all the time on TV from QVC? Also the Slim ‘n lift one is better value as you can get two for £23.73 and in different colours.

  2. I bought a similar one from M&S last week that cost £35, took me down from a size 14 to a 12 which was quite impressive, but did make me wonder if its healthy to wear them too often? They hold you in nicely and make you look good, but does all that holding in cause any damage?

  3. Hi Lulu,

    I think the idea of the ‘all in one body suits’ is just a quick fix, so that you can squeeze your self into those skinny jeans or do up the zip on your sexy party dress.

    Over the festive period we all love to indulge ourselves, and to drop a dress size these body suits are fab, but I think in the long term we all know that healthy diet and regular exercise is the way forward (we just don’t want to admit it!!)

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