GiveorTake Service Improvements: In-Store Cashback, More Vouchers Codes..

Dear Members has undergone a major platform upgrade. With new features, more retailers and discounts, you can now earn (or give) more by using our portal.

No Admin Fee
The £5 admin fee we used to deduct from your earnings will not be there anymore.

In-Store Cashback

You can now earn Cashback on your In-Store purchases using GiveorTake. It doesn’t cost you anything and its free to register. All you need to do is to register your credit/debit card details and pay with participating retailers using the registered card. We track the cashback and pay into your GiveorTake account.

More details and can be found on our In-Store Cashback section

More than 6000 Discounts

More Voucher Codes, New Retailers and discounts have been added. You can see them by browsing the categories and finding your favourite retailers.


It is a major upgrade and there may still be certain things which you want us to work on/amend. We would welcome your feedback, suggestions and please let us know if you spot any bugs/issues.

Please contact us through our online helpdesk with issues or feedback.

Look forward to bringing you an improved service and more discounts.

Kind Regards

GiveorTake Team

Why not treat your mum this Mother’s Day?

Why don’t you treat your mum this Mother’s Day (the 14th of March)? Here at Give or Take we have picked out a few ideas to get you started and what’s more you will earn cashback on everything you purchase through the site.


If your mum has a sweet tooth, then why not get her the Exuberantly Fruity selection from Hotel Chocolat? Each chocolate contains an explosion of fruitiness combined with the smooth creamy chocolate texture – available for £19.50 with 7% cashback.

Alternatively why not say it with flowers? There is no better way to brighten up a room, and say ‘I Love You Mum’ at the same time. Order your flowers online today with Bunches and receive free chocolates with every purchase two presents for the price of one and also receive 10% cashback.

If your mum prefers something a little more personalised then check out Not On The High They have many gifts that can be personalised, including a hand painted vintage style sign. You can choose a phrase to appear; the default is “I have the best mother ever”, but you can enter whatever you think your mum will like – from £16 with 10% cashback.

Why Not Stay in this Valentines Day?

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Are you panicking because you’ve not reserved a table yet?

Well don’t. If all the top restaurants in town are booked up then all’s not lost; turn your home into your own Personal Restaurant for Two with Give or Take and have a romantic evening in with your partner:

  • Dinner: Get in touch with your inner Delia or Jamie and hit the kitchen, you don’t have to be a professional to cook a fantastic meal. Click here for some great recipes that can be found on the Tesco website. Plus click through Give or Take to Tesco for those all important ingredients and receive £5 cashback if you are a new customer to them.

  • Set the Mood: Creating that perfect mood couldn’t be simpler. Order some candles and place them around the room this will create soft lighting. Don’t forget the music. As Shakespeare once said, if music be the food of love, play on. Download your favourite love songs onto your iPod, or buy your choice of CD’s that you can play for the duration of the evening. Visit HMV and get 4% cashback on all CD purchases.

  • Dress Up: Just because you’re staying in that’s no reason to put your pyjamas on. Make the extra effort to dress up for your romantic evening. Ladies get your best dresses out, guys make an effort and get suited and booted.

Your home has now become your own personal restaurant for two. You have cooked the food, set the mood and your dressed to impress all you have to do now is sit down and enjoy your fabulous dinner.

Don’t forget with companies such as Thornton’s and Bunches on Give or Take you can buy those Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates and get up to 12% cashback. Also shop at Oddbins for your favourite bottle or wine or champagne for that extra special evening and get 5% cashback. Happy Valentines!

Give or Take Competition December 1st-January29th: Results are in!

As well as giving our customers 100% cashback here at Give or Take we also run competitions !

We ran our last competition with: Wiggle, Miss Selfridge,, The Hut, Zavvi, Kitbag, Boden, and M&S over the Christmas period (Dec1st-Jan 29th) and today we are pleased to announce the 8 lucky winners who will be receiving some(admittedly late!) Christmas presents in the post!

Our lucky winners are:

Paul Rickell wins a pair of sungalsses from Wiggle

Fiona O’Hare wins a £30 voucher from Miss Selfridge

Barry Rodker wins a £50 voucher from

Simone Shaw wins a £50 vocher from The Hut

Naveen Iakhanpal wins a £50 voucher from Zavvi

Claire Levitt wins a £50 voucher from Kitbag

Kate Stanbury wins a £50 voucher from Boden

Sarah Hand wins a £100 M&S voucher

In the Christmas competition all you had to do to register was shop at any of the stores above, which would see you being entered for the prize draw as well as earning cashback. Congratulations to all our winners and if you didn’t win this time be sure to keep an eye out for future competitions and continue shopping with Give or Take for that guaranteed 100% cashback.

January savings to be made!

With Christmas safely out of the way I’m sure many of you are hitting the shops for those all-important January sales. Well why not stay in the comfort of your own home and shop through Give or Take? Not only will you get to take advantage of sale prices, but you will get paid cashback on your purchases too!

The Debenhams Blue Cross Sale is now on but will only last till Sunday. Why not take advantage of this fantastic sale? Not only will you make savings of up to 70% you will also get 4% cashback on all purchases.

Other Sales include

  • Littlewoods up to 75% off sale with 10% cashback
  • M&S up to 50% off sale with 5% cashback
  • up to 80% off sale with up to 6% cashback
  • Next sale with up to 70% off and 2% cashback


The Give or Take Christmas competition – stuffed full of cracking prizes!

The Give or Take Christmas competition kicks off this month with over £400 worth of prizes to be won!

For your chance to win all you have to do is make a sale at the stores listed below between December 1st – Jan 29th and you will automatically be entered into our Christams draw. Winners will be announced on the blog on February 1st. So keep an eye on the blog to see if you have been lucky!


Start shopping for your chance to win…

…and the Christmas good will doesn’t end there as there is still loads of cashback to be earnt on every purchase you make via Give or Take!


You can win with Give or Take!

Give or Take don’t just give you cashback we also give away goodies!
We recently ran a competition in conjuction with parenting and pregnancy site Think Baby to win a Bebe Confort Loola pushchair. If you weren’t fortunate enough to win this time you can still benefit from up to 6% cashback on parenting products in our Mother & Baby category. Our lucky winner was Andrea Murray from Tyne and Wear, and she was very pleased with her prize.

‘I’m over the moon, I’ve just started maternity leave for my 2nd child so this is fantastic. I wish I had discovered Give or Take earlier as the extra cashback is very handy, in fact I’ve just done a whole load of Christmas shopping online so I will be getting cashback on that too!’

So keep your eyes on the blog for future competitions as we have some great Christmas giveaways up for grabs! Ho ho ho!

Be afraid, be very afraid…


It’s that time of year again so ‘get your ghoul on’, and strut your spooky stuff this Halloween October 31st Mwhahahhahahah!

Order your fancy dress online for a better deal and cashback, and buy it early before all the fake blood and fangs are sold out! Horror films are great inspiration if you are running low on fancy dress ideas so here are a few iconic horror characters that will give the other guests nightmares!


Regan from The Exorcist is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable, and terrifying female horror characters. Spooky stories of a curse on all those who acted in the film, and the unusual number of deaths during its making gives The Exorcist that added fear factor! For your Regan outfit you will need purple, green, and corpse coloured cake makeup to create a pale and sick complection that you can apply the scar/wound transfers to. To get the same hair affect backcomb/mess up your hair, and using the fake blood take a few strands and coat them in it to get that lank unkempt look. To disguise your ‘pearly whites’ use black tooth enamel and rub it round your teeth and gums, instant tooth decay! Finally to complete the look you will need a pale blue nightdress which you can spatter with more fake blood. You can get the perfect nightdresses from M&S or eBay is always worth a look.


I am a huge fan of vintage horror, and Carrie is one of my favourite films. Carrie is the school outcast bullied and picked on but she has telekenetic powers and a religous fanatic for a mother, it’s a recipe for disaster! A Carrie outfit is very quick and easy to do, M&S and Debenhams sell plain silk slips you can pick up for under £10, and New Look have a whole range of flowers on hairbands/clips for a few quid that you can use as your corsage. If you don’t have long blonde/mousey hair then invest in a long blonde wig. Once you are all dressed and ready to go ask a passing zombie to liberally drench you in fake blood, voila!


An American Werewolf In London is perhaps the perfect horror movie, it has humour, suspence, great special affects (for the time), and a little bit of saucy action too! You may think a werewolf is beyond your fancy dress skills, but I’m about to prove you wrong! Firstly to get that ‘mad dog look’ backcomb and hairspray your hair into a wild mop, then apply the werewolf hair mask to your face. Use brown face paint to fill in the parts of your face and neck that are showing through to complete stage 1. Next you will need to find an old top and trousers that you don’t mind cutting up, take the scissors to them making the sleeve and ankle ends ragged like they have been torn, and as with all halloween outfits liberally splatter them with fake blood. Finally before you leave pop in your werewolf fangs, and put on a pair of hairy hand werewolf gloves. Hoooooooooooooowwwwwl!

Best of all you can get up to 11% cashback on fancy dress


Get fit, get running!

Running has to be one of the cheapest and most effective ways to get fit. Don’t bother with splashing out on fancy gym membership you are never going to use, instead buy yourself the basics for running then you have access to easy, free, effective exercise whenever you want!


Getting kitted out to run…

Trainers – Invest in a good pair of trainers specific to the type of running you do (road or rough terrain) and they will support and help you get the most out of your run. Being a big fan of customisation my fave sports store is Nike because of their Nike ID function where you can customise Nike products to your heart’s content! These Nike Air Swift just £30.79 with 7% cashback

Leg wear – There’s nothing worse than starting a run, just to realise 5 mins in that the elastic in your tracksuit bottoms is naff, so to stop them falling down you have to tie them up and do the rest of your run looking like ‘Compo’ from Last Of The Summer Wine! These Ronhill Ladies Tights are ideal, stirrup feet stop them riding up, and 4 way stretch means they are super comfy to run in. £13.50 from Wiggle with up to 5% cashback

Base Layer – To help keep you cool as you run, or retain the heat during the colder months base layers are ideal. They can be pretty pricey so I had a quick look on eBay and found loads. This Helly Hansen base layer was just £20 and you get up to 30% cashback from eBay

Accessories – If you can’t find anyone to be your running buddy then an iPod is the next best thing to keep you interested and motivated while you run, but don’t pick anything too up beat for your play list or you’ll burn yourself out running extra fast! This electric blue 2GB iPod shuffle holds 500 songs and is just £45 with 2.5% cashback

So now you are ready to hit the road, on your marks, get set….GO!

Staying in is the new going out!

As the credit crunch continues to keep us tightening our purse strings ‘staying in’ is fast becoming the new ‘going out’ so with that in mind here are some of the latest DVD releases you could be settling down to watch tonight…


The Boat That Rocked – £11.99 free delivery and up to 6% cashback from

With a who’s who cast of comedy actors (Bill Nighy, Nick Frost, and Emma Thompson to name a few) this looks set to be a rib tickler, but will it deliver? ‘Radio Rock’ is a pirate station broadcast from a boat in the middle of the North Sea, and manned by an eclectic bunch of DJs, museos, and groupies. The fate of the station is in jeopardy, but its die hard fans come to the rescue. Directed by BAFTA, Emmy, and Oscar nominated English screenwriter Richard Curtis this should be another witty, entertaining, romp, but word on the street is that it’s not a patch on ‘Love Actually’ Hhmmmmm….see what you think….

The Damned Untied – £12.95 free delivery and 3% cashback from Zavvi

Despite not having a great interest in football myself I am definitely going to watch this film for Michael Sheen alone. He is a seamless actor and I’m pretty sure his portrayal of legendary football manager Brian Clough will be another slick performance. The film covers Clough’s most infamous period as a football manager during his time at Leeds UTD where his abrasive coaching style didn’t win him many friends. Sheen’s leading roll is backed up with a quality cast including Timothy Spall, and Jim Broadbent so if you are in the mood for drama I would add this to your shopping basket.

I Love You, Man – £12.99 free delivery and 4% cashback at HMV

At last Paul Rudd lands a leading roll after endlessly guffawing at him in ‘Anchor Man’, and ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’ I’m glad to see him finally hogging the lime light. ‘I Love You, Man’ is the story of a burgeoning ‘bromance’ between ‘Peter’ and ‘Sydney’ with all the associated social awkwardness and insecurities of two straight men forming a close friendship. It’s a step away from the rom-com norm of ‘boy meets girl’ and as a result should make for a quirky movie. If you are looking for lighthearted, and amusing then I think this could be the film for you…

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