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At Give or Take we offer you the opportunity to donate your accumulated cashback to a charitable cause.If you do this we will not make a single deduction, and the gesture would be greatly appreciated. Should you decide to 'Give' we have provided a detailed list to help you choose a charity.


Crisis provides innovative and long-term solutions to homelessness. We provide a place of safety for those in need and help people find accommodation. But this problem needs more than short term solutions. Our innovative training, education and back-to-work programmes as well as social and emotional support are designed to help people reintegrate with society and end their homelessness - for good. Go to charity »

Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK works to improve the lives of people with diabetes and towards a future without diabetes. Currently 1 in 30 people have diabetes which is chronic progressive condition which occurs when the body is unable to use glucose properly and currently there is no cure Go to charity »

Engineers Without Borders UK

Engineers Without Borders UK improves the lives of people in developing countries by removing the barriers to alleviating poverty through engineering. It is a unique student-led charity committed to practical action and raising awareness about the role of sustainable engineering in international development Go to charity »


Enham gives people with disabilities the opportunity to make choices in life. Our computer centre currently needs lots of new and specialised equipment. For just £25 you could help us by 'Adopting a Mouse'. Name it, and on its birthday you will receive a letter telling you how the new equipment and its owner are getting along Go to charity »

Equine Market Watch Sanctuaries UK

To promote humane behaviour towards animals, including but not restricted to equines, by providing appropriate care, protection, treatment and security for animals which are in need of care and attention for whatever reason. Go to charity »

Family Links

Family Links supports children and their families to lead fuller and more enjoyable lives by offering simple, yet very effective, tools for understanding and dealing with emotions and behaviour. We reach over sixty thousand children through the UK and your gift will help us spread our positive message even further. Go to charity »


FARM-Africa is a development agency which has been working with poverty and famine-stricken communities in Africa since 1985. A charity dedicated to long-term development, FARM-Africa's goal is to help poor rural communities produce more food so they do not have to depend on handouts of aid. Go to charity »

Fauna & Flora International

Fauna & Flora International is the world's longest established conservation society. We work to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, from mountain gorillas to rainforests. FFI chooses solutions that are sustainable, based on sound science and take account of human needs. Go to charity »

Fibromyalgia Association UK

Fibromyalgia Association UK is pledged to raise awareness and lobby for effective available treatment, so that everyone with fibromyalgia can get the help they need. Support is provided by national and benefit helplines, local support groups/contacts, website/forums, information for those with fibromyalgia and carers and information for health professionals. Go to charity »

Freedom from Torture

Every year thousands of torture survivors come to us in need of help. They have been humiliated and abused in every way imaginable in war zones and repressive regimes around the world. We are the only national charity dedicated to providing the medical, therapeutic and practical help they need. We rely on the generosity of donors for all of our work. Go to charity »


Frishta are building a children's village for Indian street children who have nothing and no-one. Frishta helps them escape the grip of poverty over their lives, to become normal children again. Frishta: giving street children a home, an education, a hope and a future Go to charity »

George Thomas Hospice

Each year we help support over a thousand people and their families in the Cardiff and Vale areas whose lives have been changed by cancer or another life-threatening illness. We offer access to specialist Palliative Care, support, and advice through a comprehensive range of services. All our services are provided free of charge to those who need them. We can only do this thanks to your generosity. Go to charity »

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